About Us

Our Story 

The House of Ikari is the brainchild of Keerthi Jeethuri. Previously known as "BlueTealStory,” it was founded in 2020 as an escapade to experiment with multiple art forms, designs, prints, and patterns and connect with people from all walks of life to understand the emotion driven behind including art in their homes. 

Over the years, it is the understanding of these minute details, quality, and most importantly, what makes a design feel personal, that eventually gave rise to “House of Ikari” in 2021. As a team of all women, grouped together for the love of art and with the purpose of making your home an emblem of your personality, we aim to customise wallpapers that add life to your spaces and bring warmth and comfort to the fullest. 

Our Goal

House of Ikari envisions dressing up your walls so they feel personal, identical, and reflect your personality in the truest sense. We want anyone visiting your space to imbibe the aura of your uniqueness, and to make this a reality, we provide end-to-end customised, contextually designed wallpapers that fit the measurements of your existing spaces. You can explore the extensive collection of wallpapers, and we will take care of personalising it according to your choice of colours. 

The goal is simple: to craft timeless, hand-painted designs that are high in quality and instilled with a classic and contemporary touch that speaks of individualistic aesthetic beauty.